Undressed: Alessandro Mondo Photography


Alessandro, who has been living his picture perfect profession for ten years now, is a local photographer situated here in pretty little FNQ. He began his photography journey by capturing the fine art of dance with Italian companies like Laltradanza, and has had the pleasure to work with some amazing photographers such as Max Giorgetta and Fernando Bagnola.

Currently shooting from his studio in Palm Cove, Alessandro specializes in glamour and boudoir. Preferring to work with clients who don’t usually model, he provides a wonderful opportunity for everyday people of all shapes and sizes to capture the beauty within… beauty that is often forgotten. He often runs social media competitions which allows more locals a chance to experience the empowering feeling of a boudoir shoot.

“In particular, boudoir photography has proven to be a very challenging project, as it requires the utmost trust, privacy and respect. Every boudoir shoot is different; for some women, it will be their first shooting, for others, it may be their passion…”

– Alessandro

Alessandro’s passion for photography became evident to me, not just through his work, but through witnessing him do his work. Figure out what you love doing, and find a way to get paid for it, right? Alessandro is definitely on his true path. His good nature and manners, combined with his professional work and obvious passion for his skill, is a concoction for success.

I definitely got the understanding that it was important to Alessandro that I felt comfortable. Recently, I had the chance to chat with a friend of mine, Jess Saunders, about her boudoir experience with Alessandro Mondo Photography. It turns out we went for the same reasons, to learn to love our own skin and give the finished snaps as a gift to our partners (two birds one stone, girls! It’s the gift that keeps on giving). She found Alessandro to be friendly and professional, and she was just as pleased with the outcome as I was. Jess was stepping out of her comfort zone too, but thanks to Alessandro, it wasn’t a problem.


“He took the time to make me feel 100% comfortable before we even started shooting. He was very patient with my nerves and insecurities and just made me feel (and look) like a goddess in his work”

– Jess

To Alessandro, photography is therapeutic, for both himself and his clients. There are many reasons women choose to model boudoir (health milestones, personal distress, low self esteem) but for all this writer can see, all these reasons have in common is one thing: a woman who wants to feel empowered by nothing other than her own sexuality. Alessandro’s photography made his models happy and allowed them to feel confident in their own bodies.

He has a desire, and the ability, to expose sensuality and beauty. His eye for detail when he is working with shadows and light can literally take your own breath away. Yes – every part of you is beautiful.

If you’re looking for more information, you can read about my personal experience here. As a self-conscious rookie, I wasn’t sure how I would react to putting myself in this situation. I was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience (how comfortable I was), and even more so with the outcome (how professional it was). You can contact Alessandro here to book your own, affordable boudoir shoot – which I personally urge you to do; he will help you discover a side of yourself that you deserve to see.

Follow Alessandro’s ever-growing photoblog at alessandromondo.com

Written by Jade Pullar


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